International Trucks Configurator

Follow these simple steps to add the International Trucks Configurator to your website using an iframe.

Why use iframes?

An iframe allows you to take a webpage from another web site and display it within your own. It's like creating a window to another website. You can add in your own header and footer navigation, as well as your own links above and below and iframe.

Wikipedia defines an iframe as

An inline frame places another HTML document in a frame. Unlike an object element, an inline frame can be the "target" frame for links defined by other elements, and it can be selected by the user agent as the focus for printing, viewing its source, and so on.
1. Choose Your Truck

You may also adjust the height of the iframe.


2. Copy the Code

Copy the code below and paste it into your website

3. Paste the code into your site

After adding the iframe code to your website, the configruator will be display like this:

Adjust iframe height to px

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